Cheryl Stelte

I’m a spiritual coach, master healer, speaker, best-selling author of two books and founder of the Azarias Energy Healing Certification Program.

As an expert in healing and empowerment, I dedicate my life’s work to supporting mature women in achieving breakthroughs when they feel all else has failed. It’s my heartfelt mission to journey alongside you as we illuminate the hidden corners of your subconscious, confront and heal deep-seated traumas, and shatter barriers that have held you back.

My passion lies in guiding you through the uncharted territories of your subconscious, addressing trauma and whatever’s holding you back. Together, we’ll uncover profound breakthroughs where other methods may have fallen short. Our journey won’t just heal you deeply; it’ll also elevate you to new heights. You’ll acquire the tools to be your own energy healer, crafting a life you can’t yet imagine.

Whether you aim to speak your truth, magnetize your ideal clients, become the powerful energy healer you were born to be, or break through to a purpose-filled life, I’d be honored to join you on a profound, transformative path. Ready to leap into the amazing future you deserve? 

Let’s get started!

I can help. I have developed the capacity to read chakras in great detail. The chakras are like an energetic signature for where you are at this point in your life. I can see and feel where your strengths are and where the blocks are with surprising accuracy. This is not a gift I was born with or acquired. It is a skill I developed over the years and teach it to others now.

Here is what people are saying about chakra readings:

Cheryl was bang on. She reflected back to me so much of what I already knew but doubted or didn’t want to accept about me and my life. She helped me understand how I got to this point and gave me the most suitable suggestions regarding how I can move forward. I am extremely grateful. Thank you Cheryl.

John H.

Azarias Energy Healing

Healing And Empowerment For Humanity

This spiritual healing program is designed to help you change your life permanently and guide you through the process of becoming not only pain-free, but step into your power and life a life of purpose.

Shining Throat Chakra

Are you tired of neck pain And Throat Chakra Issues?​

Do you feel stuck in life and unable to move forward the way you really want? Now is the perfect time to heal your throat chakra issues and let it shine.

Learn how to safely and effectively become your own energy worker and heal and empower yourself. Through a combination of spiritual practices!

Heal your neck issues & let your THROAT CHAKRA SHINE!

With a combination of spiritual practices pulled from various modalities and paths, Heal Your Neck Issues and Let Your Throat Chakra Shine is designed for people who want to make some serious changes and are ready to commit to themselves and move forward. Let spiritual leader Cheryl Stelte help you to safely and effectively.

client Magnet Program

Learn How to Attract Clients Through Spiritual Awareness

This program may be the one thing to help you attract your ideal clients. If any of this resonates with you, please click the button below to find out more about the Client Magnet Program so you can start attracting your ideal clients through spiritual awareness.

Client Magnet


You’ve done everything you can think of to get your message out there, but it just isn’t happening. This is something so many coaches go through. Rest assured. You can get your message out there with joy and ease, attracting all the clients you can confidently serve!


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