10 tips to becoming an energetics client Magnet

Amplify Your Speaker Magnetism workshop - overcoming subconscious blocks

Becoming a Client Magnet is all about Healing and Empowerment. You need to heal the blocks so that you can become empowered to be all that you truly are, living in your greatest potential so that you will attract all your very best clients.

  1. Open up
  2. Identify the biggest problem
  3. Emotions of biggest problem
  4. Use the full breath to breathe into these emotions, feel them completely
  5. Once you feel through that emotion, keep going deeper, sinking into it to see what the emotion is underneath
  6. See if you can go deep enough to access when you first felt the deepest emotion here. There may be a memory or not, a physical sensation. If you can get a sense of how old you were.
  7. What is the subconscious belief at the root of this emotion or emotions
  8. Breathe into the depth of this belief
  9. What is the new belief you would like to reprogram your subconscious with?
  10. Breathe into the new belief fully