azarias energy healing program

Have you known for years that you are a healer and just haven’t acted on it? 
Did someone tell you that you are a healer, and it was difficult to accept? 
Do you know you have healing hands? Have you let fear get in the way of becoming the energy healer you were born to be? 
What would it feel like to be a Certified Azarias Energy Healer?


FEAR is often the one thing that blocks you from living a life with joy and purpose. Stepping into your true greatness is often the most challenging and scary thing you can ever do.

This is the perfect time to become the energy healer, and more specifically the on-line energy healer you were born to be. With everything that is happening globally, there are specific souls who need you more than ever. Yes, you with your unique gifts, the gifts that haven’t reached full fruition yet and are lying dormant within you.

I’ve got 27+ years on a strong spiritual path and as a spiritual healer, coach, teacher, author and speaker, I can show you how to become the on-line energy healer you were born to be. You deserve it and so do your future clients.


My mission in life is to help humanity evolve. My goal is to help as many people as possible to heal and become empowered to live with joy, love and purpose. It is through empowering others and includes coaches, physicians, therapists and other healers to step into their greatness as the best healers they can be. This is incredibly fulfilling because it creates the ripple effect. I support each of the graduated Azarias Energy Healers to develop their own modality unique to them and teach it to others.


It was after years of clients asking me the question, “When will you teach the type of healing you do?” when, one day, I finally decided to train others in the type of on-line energy healing I do, in the ways I have come to do it. When most people recognize within themselves that they are energy healers, it is common for them to experience fear. Fear of their greatness stems from past wounding and this is the first thing to be healed. I have experienced the depth and intensity of this kind of fear years ago and now find it incredibly fulfilling to relieve others of the fear of their greatness in whatever ways it shows up.

The Azarias Energy Healing Training Program is intense, transformational and so worthwhile on every level.
Do You Want to:
• Heal any self-doubt, resistance, fear or anxiety and empower yourself to become the healer you were born to be
• Evolve spiritually
• Feel and/or see energy
• Increase intuition
• Become an energy channel
• Move into a state of unity consciousness or oneness
• Discover and make the most of the divine power that exists within You
• Release somatic trauma, limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions from yourself and others
• Step into empowerment
• Release physical and emotional pain
• Develop trust and confidence in yourself as Certified Azarias Energy Healers

Who am I to teach this? I discovered the power of moving energy and somatic healing early on in my journey of healing and empowerment. I received Somatic Experiencing therapy sessions and quickly adapted the somatic work and healing trauma to my personal meditations. I found personal chakra energy work and healing with the chakra energy system to be most transformative. I have been working with energy and the chakras for over 27 years. Azarias Energy Healing was formed through the study and practice of many modalities – healing through the chakras, Hakomi, Body Centered Psychotherapy, Shamanic Healing, Hurqalya Healing, Reiki, Jin Shin Do Acupressure and Somatic Experiencing as well as various forms of meditation. My personal experience, listening to and following spiritual guidance and intuition while doing somatic energy healing on others led me to develop my own on-line energy healing modality – Azarias Energy Healing. I teach my students the somatic healing techniques that have worked incredibly well for me in getting profound, transformational results for clients.
With Azarias Energy Healing Certification Program, the graduated practitioners have gone through their own deep healing through the chakras and are able to enter into a heightened spiritual state. They have cleared the energetic blocks in their chakras and become a true channel for spirit. We are all One. It is through this concept of oneness that I practice and train others in ON-LINE Azarias Energy Healing. Unlike all energy healing modalities, I have trained in, there is no need for protection for the practitioner. There is no need to wash up to the elbows or release any unwanted energy. The practitioner is in such a clear state, they cannot take on anything from the client. We are all ONE. Neither I, nor any of the Azarias practitioners have never “taken on” someone else’s “stuff”.
Clients who have received Azarias Energy Healing state there is no difference between in person and on-line in terms of the results they achieve. Somatic Healing incorporates body, mind and spirit, and Azarias Energy Healing helps people heal somatically and deeper – to the level of the soul.

Humanity and our World is in a state of much needed healing and empowerment and Cheryl has responded to this need by training others to become certified healing and empowerment practitioners through Azarias Energy Healing.
Where did the name Azarias come from? Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing. It is stated in the Old Testament that Archangel Raphael came to earth in human disguise and under the name of Azarias and accompanied Tobias in his adventurous journey and conquered the demon, Asmodeus. Certified Azarias Energy Healers are Archangels of healing in disguise.

The somatic healing results people get through Azarias Energy Healing are astonishing. Physical pain can often be quickly eliminated. People begin to advance in their careers or businesses. Relationships improve greatly and physical, mental and emotional health escalates. Most people come to Azarias Energy Healing after they feel like they have tried everything and nothing else has worked. It is through Azarias Energy Healing that the traumas of the past as well as hidden subconscious limiting beliefs and stuck emotions are released so the true self, the soul within the human body begins to shine more and more. Clients often find themselves living their lives in ways they couldn’t even previously imagine.

Class sizes are small so all individual needs can be addressed. Only 8-12 people per class. I prefer to teach to a small group of committed individuals so that everyone’s needs are met, everyone has an opportunity to share where they are at in their journeys and ask questions. Every program is unique and none of the instruction is pre-recorded. This program is all about helping you evolve in powerful ways. I promise you will be a different person at the end of the program.

I would love to help you discover if this certification program is a good fit for you.
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I’m so excited that you arrived at this page. There is so much I would like to share with you, but here are the basics:

  • Classes are two hours every week for nine months. All the recordings of the classes and meditations will be on a platform for you to return to forever.
  • In addition to the class trainings, You will receive one-on-one Azarias Energy Healings from me, as well as your classmates. We end with a 3 day, on-line retreat. A practicum completes the certification. This is a nine month intensive program.
  • Unlike most energy healing programs, if you wish, you will receive client referrals from me, whether during your practicum or once you have graduated. I will support you!
Can’t wait to meet you soon!