Client Magnet Program


After writing my first book, I began working  with new clients in my first spiritual program. I went from being a part-time spiritual coach and healer for many years to doing this work full-time. I was nervous because I was supporting myself quite comfortably with my day business and didn’t rely on the income for the spiritual work I did. Once I shifted, I knew I had to go big or go home. I had built my part-time spiritual business over the years by word of mouth and the leap into full time was a leap of faith.

I knew next to nothing about social media, didn’t have a following at all. Had never been on Instagram and hadn’t looked at Facebook or Linked-in for about a decade. I became so frustrated that I had to learn an entirely new way of doing business. I was like a fish out of water. Client numbers dropped instead of going up. I tried multiple social media platforms, paid a lot for programs and became increasingly frustrated. Finally I did what I knew worked best – my spiritual practices. I knew I was meant to do this work in the world. It was my calling. I knew there were souls out there who needed me. My spiritual practices helped me change my life in great ways and this was the next level.

I almost couldn’t believe it when clients seemed to start falling out of the sky! And they keep coming.

Other coaches and authors would ask me “where are you getting your clients?”. All I could say was “they just seem to fall out of the sky”.

Unknowingly, I was developing the skills of being an energetic client magnet. Soon enough other coaches started to find me and wanted to work with me.  I began working with coaches who may have had fleeting success or none at all. After not having clients for six months to over a year, things turned around very quickly for these coaches and within six to eight weeks of working with me, they had multiples clients signed up and paid in full. This was so incredibly fulfilling! I was just one person who was indirectly helping many through these coaches. I was inspired to share what I was doing so wrote my second book – Client Magnet, The Coaches Guide to Attract Ideal Clients Through Spiritual Awareness. Immediately upon release of the book, the first group was formed and I am eternally grateful to continue to help coaches, start-ups and businesses attract their very best clients.

I would love to know where you are at. I know how tough it can be and I promise you, you can become your own energy worker and attract those souls who need you most.

Please read on and see if any of this resonates with you:

If you are serious about healing what is getting in your way and empowering yourself to attract all your ideal clients who are just waiting to find you, the Client Magnet Program is for YOU.

YOU are a Coach or Professional who:

In the Client Magnet Program, you will learn to:

If you got this far, this program is likely for YOU! How are you feeling in this moment? What has been stirred in You? Are you ready to attract your ideal clients. If any of this resonates with you, please click the button below to find out more so you can start attracting your ideal clients through powerful spiritual practices.