Empowered Coaches Changing Humanity
Web Summit

Empowered Coaches Changing Humanity Web Summit high level coaches, practitioners, business experts

Are you ready to RISE with a whole community of other Coaches who have your back in changing humanity in the greatest ways?

Let’s. Do. This. Now.
Live and Online Feb 24 and 25​

If your lack of greater influence in the world has been getting you down, you may be wondering where the joy and passion went and what happened along the way. You KNOW in your heart that your business or practice can be played at a larger level, then you’re a perfect fit for the Empowered Coaches Changing Humanity Web Summit event.

Join us and hear from coaching and business experts on how to get back on track to being the high level coach, practitioner or business expert you know you are!

You’ll hear from more than 50 experts in two days to show you how to become more empowered than you already are and change humanity in the greatest ways through our web summit.

I’m excited to be one of the expert speakers! I’ll be speaking about Energy Healing & Empowerment. it’s just one of the many topics available to you in this epic event!

During this FREE, LIVE and ONLINE event you will discover:

Kari Petruch – 3 Simple Steps to Reignite Your Relationship
Danielle Ferrara – When SUCCESS is NOT ENOUGH, discover how to make your LIFE WORTH LIVING and FULFILLING
Frank King – Learning, Landing, and Leveraging a TEDx Talk
…….and more!

Spots are limited, so grab your spot to the Empowered Coaches Changing Humanity Web Summit today!