Live Meditation Retreat – In Person

Have you considered doing a 5 day personal meditation retreat?
Has it been a desire of yours for sometime?
Do you know you would benefit from going inward for five days to come out as more of your authentic self in ways you can even currently imagine?
I am a Certified Personal Meditation Retreat Guide and have taken such joy in guiding many into the depths of their being for long periods of time, to have peak experiences, reaching the heights of joy to find themselves anew. And I mean NEW YOU. I have discovered that most people can’t even imagine who they are meant to become. And when they experience that, it is such a joyful experience.
I am inviting YOU to the:

What an exciting time we are living in. Never in my 61 years on earth have I been able to witness the profound transformation of others to the extent I do today. I believe the world needs humans to evolve at rates never experienced before to help others grow and evolve.

One of the best ways I have experienced spiritual transformation is through Personal Meditation Retreats. Yes, group retreats are an extremely effective to go deeper than you can in daily life. Retreating from daily life allows you to identify and clear the energetic blocks that are getting in your way and keeping you from experiencing the more authentic YOU. Identifying and clearing the blocks allows you to rise into peak spiritual states while remaining in the body and grounded.
Would love to have you join us. I am, of course, happy to answer any questions. We will have three monthly meetings prior to the retreat to prepare and learn practices. It is ideal for you to be able to meditate for one hour without stopping.
Dates are January 20-25, 2023. The New Moon. Want to join us in starting the year off powerfully? Happy to hop on a call to talk about the details.


Jan 20 - 25 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Garland, Texas
Garland, Texas

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