Meet Cheryl

Cheryl was drawn to spirituality as a small child, wanting to explore inner depths and the vastness of the universe, but through every avenue of pursuit, she never found the answers she was looking for. Didn’t anyone think the way she did? It wasn’t until years later when she discovered meditation that she began to uncover and open up what she had been seeking as a child. Her initial motivator to meditate was to heal her own severe depression. With a friend at the beach, she had her first of many, life-changing spiritual experiences when her deceased brother’s spirit visited her and told her to start meditating. She later realized his guidance was to help her get off anti-depressants, and she did, never looking back!

Over the last 27 years, Cheryl has studied, practiced and taught various forms of meditation, spiritual practices and energy healing modalities.

Her spiritual journey and her love of the forests, mountains and oceans drew Cheryl to shamanism, where she trained through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and with other Shamanic teachers. She has since developed Heart Centered Shamanism.

Her deep desire to empower women blossomed in her second business, Stelte Design – Designing For the Soul. She was way ahead of her time in bringing spirituality into interior design and business. She continues to perform the ritual of “Elemental Space Clearing and Blessing” to clear energies of the past and invite in the new. She provided skills and helped build confidence in the women she hired. Later, she was led to live with primitive tribes – the Maasai in Kenya and the Shuar in Equador where she worked closely with the women to help them step into their power.

Cheryl is sought after for her ability to help others break through barriers where nothing else worked. Cheryl takes great joy in speaking to all groups who want to move to a new level of being.

Cheryl was a Senior Teacher of IAMHeart and received certification as a Spiritual Leader, Coach, Mentor, Retreat Guide and Hurqalya Energy Healing Practitioner. She now helps others through her own programs based in healing and empowerment.

Today, Cheryl Stelte is a spiritual coach, healer, speaker, two time author and CEO of Star of Divine Light Institute. She is an healing and empowerment expert and helps coaches and entrepreneurs attract their best clients through her Client Magnet Energy Program. As the founder of Azarias Energy Healing, she helps people who believe they are healers become the on-line energy healers they were born to be. Through her Shining Throat Chakras program, people with throat chakra issues break through their blocks to speak their truth and shine their light with purpose. Cheryl is deeply committed to doing all she can to help others become empowered to shine their unique light and live their divine purpose.

She is a Canadian mother of two and lives in Denver, CO with her husband John. Her top favorites are beauty, travelling, hiking, kayaking, french cooking, being silly and most of all, being of service.