Client Magnet


Are you frustrated and tired of not attracting the clients you know you can help? Your coaching business is not where you want it to be. You know in your heart you are here to serve, but try as you will, your ideal clients are not signing up. You’ve done everything you can think of to get your message out there, but it just isn’t happening. This is something so many coaches go through. Rest assured. You can get your message out there with joy and ease, attracting all the clients you can confidently serve!

If you are serious about crafting your message so you can do the work your soul came here to do, Client Magnet is for you. In it, author, spiritual teacher, and healer, Cheryl Stelte, provides deep insight and step-by-step instructions to help you:
  • Release your frustration around not attracting the right clients.
  • Clear the blocks stopping you from getting your message out clearly
  • Gain the strength to fearlessly speak your truth to prospective clients
  • Go from feeling stuck to energetically drawing your ideal clients to you
  • Stand out, step into your power, and become the client magnet you were born to be

Heal your neck issues & let your throat CHAKRA SHINE!

Have you tried everything you can think of to end your neck pain once and for all? Are you becoming more and more aware of your throat chakra issues, but whatever you try to do to change, things never seem to last? And on top of it all, do you feel stuck in life, unable to move forward the way you really want? Now is the time to heal your neck pain and throat chakra issues so that you can become the person you truly are.

With a combination of spiritual practices pulled from various modalities and paths, Heal Your Neck Issues and Let Your Throat Chakra Shine is designed for people who want to make some serious changes and are ready to commit to themselves and move forward. Let spiritual leader Cheryl Stelte help you to safely and effectively:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your neck pain and throat chakra issues
  • Discover and heal the root causes of your suffering
  • Learn skills to move from healing to empowerment
  • Move forward in ways you have only dreamed
  • Change yourself and change your life
  • Heal Your Neck Issues and Let Your Throat Chakra Shine is your solution if you feel called to look deeper and you’re ready to end your pain and move forward!