What people are saying....

“I have suffered from chronic pain and severe migraine headaches ever since I was a kid.

After I started working with Cheryl, my energy levels have been so good that:

• I have been working out almost every other day for the past month and a half. Before Cheryl, working out at the gym was almost impossible due to my low energy levels. I have spent thousands of dollars on different workout programs, personal trainer fees, etc.. for the past 7 years. Nothing was able to move the needle this much. It’s truly amazing how much I’m able to do since I started working with her.

• I never used to be able to bike for more than 10 minutes, but I had my first 5 mile bike ride just this past week. I was someone who was hiding from any kind of recognition and hated speaking up in all kinds of meetings at work, even though I had really good ideas and even when I knew that my thoughts were welcomed and appreciated by my team. I was so afraid of being seen and being successful (thanks to childhood trauma!). After working with Cheryl and doing her meditations, I have now become a regular tech talk speaker in my company and I have been enjoying letting my creative energies freely flow. And I feel like this is only the beginning. I feel so lucky to work with Cheryl and I have been recommending all my friends to work with Cheryl if they ever get an opportunity. It’s hard to find a healer who is this compassionate, kind, caring and powerfully healing!”


Software Engineer

“Thank you so much for meeting with me today Cheryl. What a delight it was! As you were praying about His divine guidance for the reading, I was praying that not only would He provide you with the answers I was seeking but that He would open my heart to His words and would help me not only receive them but to receive them into my heart. You were incredibly on point and insightful and you totally nailed me to the wall! Everything you said was exactly on point and what I knew He had been telling me. For not having shared anything about me, you spoke with me as though you had known me my whole life and had traveled my journey with me. I couldn’t believe what you were able to know in just a few moments of prayer and meditation. I will absolutely be taking my meditations further to open myself more and to allow myself to become. We all in a state of “becoming” and with your help, I know I’m on the right track to becoming all He wants me to be. Bless you for your time, attentiveness and for your gifts you so beautifully shared with me today. Much love and light to you.

Lissa Ballard

“I have found Cheryl Stelte’s three programs to be very transformative. Her Shining Throat Chakras Program was extremely helpful for me on multiple levels including; the physical, emotional, practical and spiritual. Prior to working with Cheryl, I was experiencing problems on each of these levels. Physically, I had suffered from a chronically stiff neck which was often painful. I also experienced chronic back pain. I had gone to my chiropractor once a month for years. These visits provided temporary relief, but the pain always returned. The pain was getting worse as I aged so I began attributing my aches and pains as an inevitable by-product of getting older. After working with Cheryl in her program my 40 years of chronic pain disappeared in weeks.

After working with her in the Client Magnet Program, my business revenue increased by 45% in one year.

I had to do the Azarias Energy Healing Certification Program. I have become a great healer – one who channels my inner being and deep purpose. I am very grateful for Cheryl’s pushing the boundaries of self-healing and improvement in such a dramatic and beneficial manner, which has greatly improved every area of my life.

John Happel


“Through Cheryl’s book and under her caring guidance, I have brought love, healing, forgiveness, and compassion to myself and my beautiful inner child. The guided meditations, while intense, were so incredibly helpful in releasing a lot of what is stopping me from living my life out loud and on my terms. It’s a daily practice doing these meditations but the breakthroughs and freedom you get after deeply clearing long held wounds is worth it. While working through this program, I have taken steps to put my creative writing out into the world and restored hope to my heart. Thanks to Cheryl, I am on the right path where I can proudly shine my inner starlight, speak my truth, and express myself with nothing and no one holding me back.”

Aleka Allen


“I just completed Cheryl’s book and 8 week course. Most of my life, and especially for the last year, I have had severe neck issues. After after doing the directed meditations and the class work and the stretches, along with the wonderful personal healing sessions, I am happy to say that my neck pain is almost completely gone!

Through Cheryl’s intuitive guidance and accurate explanations I have been able to see into myself deeper than ever before and have developed a whole new relationship with my Chakras. After 15 years of intense inner work I have reached a new level of self communication and a clearer connection to my cosmic roots.

Thank you, Cheryl. From the bottom of my Heart.”


John Comunale


“In the midst of great change in my life I was fortunate to embark on healing work with Cheryl. Embodying the energies of healer / best friend / mother / cheerleader, her rich and varied training – synthesized into a deep internal knowing – gained my trust immediately. Intensely present, nothing wild that comes up fazes her, and she shares in my gains with gusto. I have never had such relief from physical pain and mental torment after decades of working with chiropractic, yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, even meditation. In class or in individual sessions, her sensitivity and skill, matched by her unwavering support, has allowed me to grow beyond what I thought possible, and in an exceptionally short time. One of my most significant “ah-ha” moments ever came to consciousness through participating in her intensely gratifying 5th Chakra class. And I have lifelong tools to use on my own now that we got through the darkest, hardest, scariest part of the journey together. Imagine knowing you can help yourself move beyond chronic pain and self-soothe in the most troubling situations, when previously you thought there was no way. It is the hardest work I’ve ever done, but my resilience, outlook in the present and for the future, relief from pain and renewed physical strength, self-respect and assuredness are beyond measure. And this, all while a viral pandemic swept through the world.”

Wendy Weiss


“From the first time I heard Cheryl Stelte talk about her book, Heal Your Neck Issues, Let Your Throat Chakra Shine — her message and manner resonated strongly with me. Painfully aware that a constricted throat chakra had held me back most of my life, I was ready for a change and intuitively felt that Cheryl would be the change agent. During a free chakra reading, her ability to sense my energy field was impressive. Her wisdom and gentle strength, notable. Hopeful and excited, I signed up for the ten week program. Consistently during our 1:1 coaching sessions, Cheryl listened attentively, offering discernment, guidance, and support. After two and-a-half months of meditations, breathwork, coaching, and healing sessions, we cleared the blocks around my throat chakra and activated my lower energy centers as well. Thanks to Cheryl’s beautiful, heart-centered presence and giftedness as a healer, I have a new-found ability to speak from my core with clarity, certainty, and confidence!

Sita Aldrete