Heal your neck issues & let your throat CHAKRA SHINE!

What people are saying....

Do you know you have throat chakra issues and whatever you have tried to break through these issues just hasn’t given you the results you want? 

Are you continuing to experience neck or shoulder pain or discomfort?

I completely understand. I went through these same things for years. Here is just a portion of my list of symptoms that I have successfully overcome. If I can do it, so can you. You can have a shining throat chakra too! 

Do any of these resonate with you? 

Like you, I had numerous throat chakra issues and needed some serious major throat chakra healing. I suffered a pinched never in my neck in my mid 30’s. While chiropractic and yoga helped to relieve the lasting pain, it didn’t eliminate it. After trying numerous healing modalities and alternative therapies, I decided to turn to my healing meditations to unblock the throat chakra and see what I could accomplish. I discovered that I had a myriad of throat chakra issues and over time was able to heal them and I have been pain free ever since! I learned that my constant or recurring neck pain had more to do with what had happened earlier in life and the energetic scars that were held in my subconscious, than what was happening physically. I was able to find and heal the real root causes of my neck pain and now I provide all those skills to my clients. It gives me the greatest joy and fulfillment to assist others in their journey to Shining Throat Chakras.

This work is so important if you want to confidently express your greatness or your soul’s mission in life. The energy of the soul’s purpose resides at the back of the root chakra and the back of the throat chakra. This energy naturally rises up from the back of the root chakra through all the chakras, to the back of the throat chakra and expresses forward.

I have discovered through years of chakra readings that most people are disconnected from this sense of purpose in the throat chakra. If you want to be more connected to the energy of your soul’s purpose and express it in the world, I would love to hear from you.

This spiritual program is designed to help you change your life permanently and guide you through the process of becoming not only pain-free, but step into your power and live a life of purpose. You know there is more to your neck pain than you currently realize, and you know there is a much greater life for you out there than the one you live now. Life will become more meaningful in areas of work, relationships, health, and spirituality. Is it time for you to heal the subconscious blocks and become empowered to:

If you feel a YES in your heart, now is the time to take action. Just click the link and let’s hop on a call!